Conventions we'll be at!

Here's an upcoming list of 2021 (and 2022) conventions we'll be at!

2021 Cons:
Ponyville Ciderfest: October 22-24
Midwest Furfest: December 3-5
2022 Cons:

Vanhoover Pony Expo: January 10-12

and many more to come!

Some people like our stuff, I guess

"the only one who can take issue with my dakis is my dog. And he loves them." - Duster Dawnhorse


"I mean, I'm kind of like actually getting a little bit fucking torqued right now" - iDubbbzTV


"Gah, it's so cute! <3" - Befish Doodle


"NEVER ENOUGH." - Rabbitasaur


"You can quote whatever I say, dude. Everything I say is gold." - Combo Breaker


"This was a mistake." - Waffles